Life Happens … Even in Photography

Author:  Pam Henrichsen

Today when I started my day I noticed that I had 12,791 photos one my iPhone camera roll – that is totally crazy. But then I stopped to think about why I had so many photos. The answer is – Life.

Just like everyone else my life is very busy and I don’t carry my Nikon DSLR with me every where I go. So when I see something that catches my eye I take a picture. Why not?


The same rules apply when I am shooting with my iPhone as it does when shooting with my Nikon: composition, rule of thirds, exposure and the all important back up of the photos.  Yes, I don’t have as many exposure options but I can touch the screen to lighten or darken the image. I can control the flash, so the basics are manageable however limited. Composition is always a matter of perspective with either devise. And the rule of thirds is just the rule of thirds. I have my iPhone set to run a backup every few days so my images are safe and most of them live on the cloud.


In a perfect world, I will try to grab my Nikon when I have the opportunity to do so if I really want to capture the imagine properly. But a lot of times my subject moves, the sun has set or I just do not have access to my Nikon when that special moment presents itself.


As photographers we are constantly observing everything around us. When we see a shot that excites us, we take that photo. Even if that moment is when you are driving down the street and in the middle of the pavement somethings catches your eye. Stop. Capture that moment because ….

Life happens.


 Pam Henrichsen is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.

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