How the Desert Waves Goodbye

A wonderful introspection on the beauty of White Pocket and the Colorado Plateau. We are glad you enjoyed your experience.


I’m up!” It’s 4:30 a.m., as I grab my camera pack, water bottle and turn on my head lamp.

“Is she coming along?” I hear someone in my group whisper. I emerge from my roof-top tent. “I’m coming. Wouldn’t miss it.”

We hike in the dark, through ancient sand, then each of us motivated adventure seekers part ways to find what catches our eye before the sun begins illuminate the desert.

Patterned sandstone, panoramic views and chilled wind fill the landscape.

I watch as my travel companion, my dad, carefully perches aside his tripod. With razor-sharp focus, he has found his optimal spot.

Like the light beginning to emerge from the background of this incredible national monument, cliff-dwelling swallows swoop left and right, like kites without strings.

There are so many angles my eye wants to catch all at once. It’s beyond exhilarating. The light fragments jump over the prehistoric sandstone…

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