Happy 100 Years, National Parks

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Author: Ivan Martinez

As a Volunteer Trip Leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops for the past 8 years, I have had the great opportunity to capture the great beauty of many of our national parks.  I feel incredible fortunate to be part of a dedicated group that share a very strong passion for helping others develop their creative skills through photography. Seeing the beauty that many of our national parks have to offer is one thing. Spending time with talented photographers that know the parks like the palm of their hand is another. Being able to be at the perfect location at the right time is a great value Arizona Highways Photo Workshops provides. Here are some of my favorites from the Grand Canyon, Tetons, Yellowstone, Acadia and Joshua Tree.  Let’s hope that these national parks will be able to celebrate 100 again.  Happy 100th birthday National Parks.

Portraits in Nature with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops in Eagar, AZ

Author: Ivan Martinez


Early in August, I had the fortune to escape the Phoenix heat and go to the town of Eagar in Northern Arizona to help in a 4 day workshop conducted by nature photographer Bruce Taubert.  Living in Arizona, gives me the luxury of being able to find cooler areas that are just a half day driving from where I live .  The town of Eagar is a 4 hours drive from Phoenix and 40 degrees cooler in the summer.  The area is popular for wild life and outdoor activities. We were there to photograph hummingbirds.  The workshop was conducted at the Sipe Wild Life Area which  is at the foot of Escudilla Mountain.  Although it is few hundred miles from Phoenix, it seems you are in a completely different world.  The air was cool and crisp. We had few showers and lost of overcast days. It was a nice time to be away  from the sweltering summer heat of Phoenix.  The workshop participants had a good time and went home with hundreds of great images. Bruce did an outstanding job in setting up the photography stations and worked very closely which each one of the participants.  Rick Sprain and I assisted Bruce during the workshop. Being a Volunteer Trip Leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops have been a wonderful experience and it has granted me the opportunity to learn new photography techniques and visit amazing places in Arizona and the USA.  Here are few images fro the the workshop.

Ivan Martinez is a commercial photographer and a trip leader for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.