Unique and Memorable Gifts that you can make from your photos

By Lisa Hanard

In today’s day and age so much is available to purchases with a couple clicks of the mouse. With Amazon.com and other online retailers, most items can be had within 48 hours, delivered right to your door.

That convenience makes gift-giving quick and easy but it also takes a little bit of the personal touch and thought away from giving presents.

Here are some fun and creative gifts that you can design using your photographic talents and a little imagination. Your friends and family will love how you went the extra mile to create something special for them.

What better gift to commemorate a special family trip or vacation than a personalized jigsaw puzzle.

You can relive the memories of the trip while your family assembles the photo puzzle together.






Another fun idea is a personalized cellphone cover.

These can be purchased for most major phone brands and protect your phone with a gorgeous personalized image.

It’s a wonderful gift that combines fashion and function









For the world traveler, customized photo luggage tags  are a wonderful concept and highly practical.





Another fun idea is a personalized shower curtain. It’s certain to be a big hit with small children that normally avoid bath time.










I hope this has given you some great ideas and resources to create some memorable photo gifts for your loved ones.

You will be amazed how touched and honored your family and friends will be, to have personalized gifts created with your own stunning photography.

Happy Designing!

Lisa Hanard is a Volunteer Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes.

Life Happens – Even in Photography: Part 2

Author: Pam Henrichsen

Today I have 13,038 memories in my camera roll. This gives me an opportunity to be creative when I am looking to personalize a gift for that special occasion. Like everyone else I am busy and full of good intentions and all of a sudden Life Happens … However, I love that I have access to my photos on my iPhone when I am crunched for time. So let the creating begin.

One of my favorite photography apps is called Simple Life. It allows you to create calendars, prints, canvas prints and books. The perfect solution for my gift giving needs. Let’s begin and create a personalized book …

Once you have downloaded the app simply start a new album.

Image-1 (1)

Now simply chose the photos that you would like to include.


After the photos have been selected just arrange them and insert text.


Before you finalize your product make sure to preview your book. Look for anything that needs to be edited: spelling, poor photo quality, cropping, just to name a few.


The last step is to select your cover and spine.


You are now ready to check out and ship your thoughtful and creative gift.

Image-6 (1)

This is just one idea to personalize your photos from many of the apps available. Some other apps that I find fun and easy to use are Shutterfly, Flipgram and Ink Cards.

Enjoy your photos but also get them out of your phone because we all know that Life Happens … Even in Photography.

Pam Henrichsen is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.