Less is Better with Age

By Rick Jacobi

I was fortunate to be a trip leader this last May on a workshop in Tuscany for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops. I have been on a lot of workshops and have done some extensive traveling. Mirrorless cameras have become more popular over the last couple of years because they are so much lighter. I am still seeing though; a lot of people traveling long distances and more than one airport change carrying a heavy bag of photo equipment. I used to be one of those people with the big 40lb black bag.

I now carry one camera body {Sony] and two lens. Lens 24-70and 70-200. In addition, a small back up camera body just in case. It can fit all in a small camera bag weighting less then 15lbs which is a lot easier to carry than the 40lb or so bag. Do I miss some shots by not having a wider-angle lens a macro or a 100-400? The answer is yes. But the question is how many, and I figure less than five photos that I would keep on a week-long workshop or trip. To me I’d rather feel comfortable walking through airports or the streets of a city enjoying myself rather than carrying all that weight and having a sore back the next day. Those shots I might miss don’t make up for the discomfort of a large camera bag. I am not saying to sell your equipment and buy a mirrorless camera. Just take what you think you need and then take less.

If you are driving that is a different story. I am talking about traveling by air and connecting flights. If it is one flight or a car then take the kitchen sink but again take only what you think you will need. As we get older less is better and you will still get great shots. Just give it a try.

Rick Jacobi is a Volunteer with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes

Capture Your Moment: Travel Photography: Domestic and Abroad

Joel Wolfson will be presenting two learning sessions at Arizona Highways Photo Workshops’ 30th Anniversary Symposium.  Here’s more about his “Travel Photography: Domestic and Abroad” session.

CYM Travel Photography

Most of Joel’s best selling work is travel photography.  He faces special challenges when traveling, and those who also travel to capture images are familiar with these challenges. One of the biggest ones is that we are limited on time in any one place so we don’t have the luxury of ideal lighting or weather. Add to that the differences in language and culture when traveling abroad, and you have your work cut out for you to capture top notch images.

One of the best ways to deal with this is research ahead of time.  Make use of bookstores, libraries, the internet, appropriate exhibits in your area, or any other means of familiarizing yourself with your destination. This way you not only have an idea what there will be to photograph and how you might tell your stories, but it will also give you inspiration which is a key element for a creative endeavor like photography. For overseas travelers, having researched the culture and knowing a few words of the language will greatly decrease frustration and equally increase your success rate of great images.

Look for a future post about Joel’s second learning session, “Essential Plugins for Post Processing” and for more information on the individual sessions visit our “Capture Your Moment” page.

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Joel Wolfson is a photographer and instructor for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.

For more information and to register for sessions like these visit the AHPW’s 30th Symposium website.